Complimentary Half Day Tour
January 23, 2018
20 pax per route

CT01 Follow the King’s footsteps :

Walk through the vivid mountain trails around Inthanon Royal Project. Initiated by King Bhumibol, the project on Thailand’s highest peak supports hill tribers to run sustainable farming and reduce shifting cultivation. Temperate-climate fruits and flowers now substitute opium cultivation. Visit the Hmong Market which offers freshly picked produces from nearby farms.

12.30 h
Leave for Doi Inthanon

Thailand’s highest mountain, Doi Inthanon, had undergone deforestation from hilltribers’ mobile plantation tradition and littered with opium farms. The King Bhumibol had an initiative to improve living standard of hilltribers through modern farming and land allocation.

Established in 1979 at Hmong village of Ban Khun Klang, the Royal Agricultural Station Inthanon is the King’s personal project for eliminating opium growing. The station servers as a research centre for a wide

variety of the highland fisheries and temperate-climate horticulture. Researches and innovations from the centre play significant role for developing sustainable highland farming in nearby villages of Karen and Hmong.

Here, you can roam ever-green tropical valleys filled up with vivid greenhouses, temperate-climate mushroom plants,