Generally speaking, foreigners visiting Thailand are required to apply for a Thai visa from a Royal Thai Embassy or Consulate-General. Foreigners must possess valid passports or similar documents and comply with the regulations contained in the Immigration Act B.E.2522 (1979) and its related provisions. Be aware that Thai visa requirements change from time to time, and a Thai embassy can provide you with the most up to date Thailand visa information.

Visitor of 58 countries and Hong Kong SAR are automatically granted permission to stay for 30 days in the country. An additional 19 countries can apply for a “Visa on Arrival” at the Immigration Hall in all Thai international airports and border checkpoints. For citizens of countries not covered by the above, visas can be obtained from the nearest Royal Thai Embassy or Consulate.

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Thailand is seven hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (+7 hours GMT)


Thailand enjoys a tropical climate with three distinct seasons: summer (hot and dry) from March through May, rainy (hot and wet) from June to October, and winter (cool and dry) from November through February. The average annual temperature is 28 degrees centigrade (83 degrees Fahrenheit), with summer highs topping 40 degrees centigrade and winter lows reaching 20 degrees centigrade.


The Thai currency called Baht is based on the decimal system. One Bath is divided into 100 satang. Coin consist of 25 Satang, 50 Satang, one Baht, 2 Baht, 5 Baht and 10 Baht. Notes are in 20, 50, 100, 500 and 1,000 Baht denominations.

Inbound Passenger:
Is allowed to bring in an unlimited amount of foreign and Thai currencies.

Outbound Passenger:
An unlimited amount of foreign currencies are permitted to be carried out of Thailand. However, the amount of 50,000 Baht or more in Thailand currency must be reported on departure, except those traveling to Lao PRD., Myanmar, Cambodia, Malaysia, and Vietnam are allowed to take out Thai currency not exceeding 500,000 Baht.


The international code for Thailand is +66

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