The Ministry of Tourism of The Republic of Indonesia is honoured and proud to join our ASEAN member countries in Chiang Mai - Thailand, on the occasion of ASEAN Tourism Forum (ATF) 2018. We congratulate the Chiang Mai - Thailand for hosting this important regional tourism forum.

Indonesia is fully in accord with this year’s ATF theme ‘ASEAN – Sustainable Connectivity, Boundless Prosperity’, this theme reflects the government awareness of ASEAN as a community of opportunity and people centeredness for a better livelihood under the mechanism of sustainable development. By connecting in all aspects, to create the economic and social opportunities for our people, and would lead to reduction of development gap between all member countries.


Tourism in Indonesia is moving forward to a positive outcome in 2017. According to The Telegraph, Indonesia is amongst the Top-20 fastest growing travel destination in the world. Based on tourist arrivals statistic from January to November 2017, the number of international visitors has reached 12.6 million, around 22% increase compared to the same period in 2016, or three times compared to the growth in the region and the world. A number of efforts have been made by Indonesian Tourism Ministry in order to achieve 14 million international visitors as this year target from Marketing and Promotion Strategy, Priority Destination Development, and Tourism Human Resources Development.


“Wonderful Indonesia” Branding Campaign has been conducted all over the world and has gained global recognition. Throughout 2017, we have received 27 awards in 13 countries. Among those awards are the World’s Best Television Commercial (TVC) at UNWTO Video Competition 2017, Destination of The Year 2017 by TTG Travel Awards, and Best Destination by Dive Magazine’s Travel Award.


In terms of destination, we are in the stage of developing top 10 priority tourism destinations (Lake Toba, Tanjung Kelayang, Borobudur Temple, Wakatobi Island, Morotai Island, Tanjung Lesung, Thousand Island and Old Town, Mt. Bromo-Tengger- Semeru, Mandalika, and Labuan Bajo). Numerous development in the priority destinations have been done and in an on-going process starting from preparation of international flight, highway road, homestay, tourism infrastructure inside and outside the destinations, and increasing air connectivity.


Tourism is about people; thus, investing in tourism human resources will bring future economic benefit to the industries. In 2017, Indonesia Tourism Ministry has targeted 65.000 tourism professionals to be certified and this target has been achieved. Certification for tour leader and tour guide, hotel and restaurant, and spa are made so that our tourism professional workers can increase their competitiveness in the global era.



We also acknowledge the economic growth from tourism sector is closely related to today’s life style, which is the digital era. As people are more digital than before, 70% of searching and data sharing has been done digitally. Digital media is 4 times more effective to deliver messages and information compare to conventional media. Therefore, it is important for tourism industry to be adaptive and revolutionary in order to be competitive by following the dynamic lifestyle of its market.


ViWI 2018 is a 3A elements strengthening program (Attraction, Amenity, and Accessibility) which is organized for one full year activities. ViWI 2018 has been prepared some tourism products include Hot Deals! packages, Calendar of Event (Color of Indonesia), and Digital Destinations that will be sold digitally. These tour packages will be sold through and
The Calendar of Event package (Color of Indonesia) is a bundling package with an event ticket component. For the attraction has been prepared 100 event area which is the main event, premiere, core event that became icon of tourism activity of Indonesia 2018 and has been selected by curator team. The flagship events as a multi event that are; The 18th ASIAN Games in Jakarta and Palembang by August 2018 and the IMF-WBG Annual Meeting by October 2018 in Bali.
The presence of tens of thousands of athletes, officials and supporters from 45 countries in the arena of the 18th ASIAN Games in Jakarta and Palembang in August 2018 has been anticipated by inviting the tourism industry and local government to prepare 75 tour packages during pre-on-post event to a number of major destinations, among others Palembang, Banten, Bandung, Bali, and Lombok.
Similarly, in welcoming the IMF World Bank Group Annual Meeting, this event is a large gathering of MICE with 15,000 delegates from 189 member countries comprised of Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors. "The IMF-World Bank guests are a strong endoser and a great momentum to promote Wonderful Indonesia," said Rizki Handayani while saying that Ministry of Tourism of Republic of Indonesia in cooperation with the tourism industries and the regional tourism office has preparing 60 tour packages to promote the Bali destinations and 6 destinations as beyond namely: Lombok, Komodo, Yogyakarta, Tana Toraja, Lake Toba and Banyuwangi. This tour package is held during pre, on, and post event.
In addition, there are about 208 Hot Deals! package (more for less) ready for sale by the tourism industries to the world. The Hot Deals! program as a bundling package recently has been done by the tourism industries with the Ferry transportation in Batam (Riau Islands) and successfully bringing the cross border tourists from Singapore and Johor Bahru - Malaysia.
The Digital Destination package is the last package offered for ViWI 2018. This package is an experience-based product package, created around the lifestyle of the 70% active community in the digital world. Tourism destinations are encouraged to be more creative in thinking and creating object images that are “instagram-able” in tourist destinations. According to Rizki Handayani, the award-winning Marketer of The Year, it is intended that active travelers in the virtual world can post interesting photos on social media so get lots of likes, comments, reposts, share, and positive interactions.
The several digital destinations are offered among the Pancingan Market - Lombok, Mangrove Market - Batam, Riau Islands, Karetan Market - Kendal, Semarang, Siti Nurbaya Market - Padang, Tahura Market - Lampung, Skyfoot Market - Yogyakarta, and Baba Boen Tjit Market Palembang.
ViWI 2018 activities set up attractions in 18 leading destinations; in Sumatra (Medan / Lake Toba, Batam, Belitung, Padang, and Palembang); Java (Jakarta, Bandung, Borobudur / Yogyakarta, Solo, Subaya, Bromo-Tengger-Semeru, Banyuwangi); Kalimantan (Balikpapan); Bali; West Nusa Tenggara (Lombok); Sulawesi (Makassar / Wakatobi, Manado); and West Papua (Raja Ampat). Attractions in 18 destinations can be festivals, golf, shopping at the mall, and spa. In addition to preparing amenities in destinations in the form of accommodation, restaurants, and tourist transportation, while accessibility in the form of air, sea, and land transportation is adjusted from the international visitors (origin). The market focused in ViWI 2018 program is ASEAN, China, Japan, Korea, Australia, Europe, Middle East, and Southern Asia as India and its surrounding.

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