ATF 2018 Mobile Application

ATF2018 Mobile Application will be launched for all delegates. Our features of the Mobile Application include:

Get latest official news & events from TAT
Grab full list of seller & buyer in one tap
Manage real-time appointment (seek the list, invite, confirm) in a-few-step to get fullest opportunity on available schedule)
Announce your available slot so partners can know and connect to you at the moment
Save your time discovering map with exhibition navigating feature
Update your company representative with your own upload image to help partner recognize
Be a part to improve the event by taking surveys easily in a few taps - save time, save paper!
Business opportunity with interactive advertising experience!

Simply scan the following QR codes to download ATF2018’s Mobile Application as follow:

ATF 2018 Mobile Application

You may also log on to the iOS App store or Google Play store and search for “ATF 2018 Thailand” to download the app.
For more information on the mobile application, please visit here at

We look forward to connecting with you!