Local Experiences

TAT aims to offer “Value for Experiences” to travelers coming to the Kingdom by focusing on “Unique Thai Local Experiences” to the world. In line with the Thailand 4.0 model, TAT will highlight a value-based economy driven by innovation and look to be a creative economy delivering creative tourism. TAT has also initiated the ‘LINK’ project in which:

‘L’ represents Local Experiences; ‘I’ for Innovation; ‘N’ for Networking and ‘K’ for keeping character.

Moreover, the local experiences will be promoted on the world stage through the Amazing Thailand brand called “Discover Amazing Stories in Amazing Thailand”.

For example;
• Ban Na Ton Chan Community, Sukhothai province in Northern Thailand infuses local wisdom to create a charming homestay experience.

• Kram Sakon, Sakon Nakhon in Northeastern Thailand is known as a source of high quality indigo-dyed cloth or Kram Sakon with attractive and colourful patterns.

• Ban Nam Chiao Ecotourism Community in Trat, in Eastern Thailand is well-known for the handicraft palm leaf hats called “Ngop Nam Chiao” (งอบน้ำเชี่ยว).

• In the South, visitors are able to learn about the local way of life; such as, building a Hua Tong boat (หัวโทง) and painting Batik at the Ko Klang Community, Krabi province.